• Want to start actually achieving the goals you set? Learn how to set goals and keep them with these five important questions.
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    How to Set Goals and Keep Them

    Most of us are pretty good at setting goals – but what about keeping them? I love goals and setting them helps me be a better parent, be more productive, get better results in my business… The list goes on! But from my experience, whether I keep a goal or not comes down to the goal itself. Here are five questions to ask yourself that will help you set goals and keep them! Is This Goal Worth It? The number one most important question to set goals and keep them! Is what I’ll gain actually worth the work I’ll have to do? Maybe you want to be a bodybuilder with…

  • When your husband travels for work, it takes effort to keep your marriage strong. Here's how my husband and I made it through together!
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    When Your Husband Travels for Work

    It’s hard when your husband travels for work. Whether he’s away for a weekend or a season, having a strong marriage despite the distance and stress takes a lot of work! I’ve been through it, and I’ve gathered my best tips for staying connected when your husband travels for work. Our Story Keith started his career as a truck driver when Emma was less than a year old. Getting used to him being over the road for months at a time was really difficult. Not only was I at home all day with a baby, he was lonely and dealing with the stresses of a new job! He was gone…

  • Struggling with your mental health after having a baby? Here's what I wish I knew when I had a newborn and how to know when you might need help.
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    Caring for Your Mental Health After Having a Baby

    Becoming a mom is a life-changing experience! Between the hormones of pregnancy, the physical trauma of birth (no matter how you did it), and the tortuous sleep deprivation of having a newborn, the initiation into motherhood can take a serious toll. Without proper knowledge, support, and care, your mental health can be affected before you even notice! Here are my tips, learned from experience, on how to care for your mental health after having a baby. My Story I had a rough pregnancy that completely upended my life (read more about it here). And after I gave birth, I needed another surgery three weeks later from being in extreme pain!…

  • Drowning in to-dos? Learn how to simplify your schedule, get more done in less time, and lighten your mental burden - all by doing less!
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    How to Simplify Your Schedule and Get More Done

    Even though I’m a stay-at-home mom and online business owner, I try to keep my days pretty simple. We generally do the same things at the same times every day. I use my planner to keep track of what I need to do, and rarely do we find ourselves rushing around. Read on to learn how to simplify your schedule and how I do it! Why Simplify Your Schedule? Your schedule doesn’t need to be three pages long and color-coded to keep your sanity together. In fact, simplifying your schedule will help you do more in less time, lighten your mental burden, and have fewer things fall through the cracks.…

  • When you don't have a church home, you can feel lonely and far from God. Learn how to keep your faith strong and keep walking in faith without a church!
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    Staying Connected to God When You Don’t Have a Church

    Being part of a church church community is huge part of keeping your Christian faith strong. Hearing sermons and being surrounded by people all striving to be Christ-like… There’s a reason there are so many churches! But what about when you don’t have a church? Keep reading to find out how to stay connected to God and keep your faith strong when you don’t have a church home. Why We Don’t Have a Church Since moving to Indiana, we’ve tried a whole lot of churches! And each one has had a reason that we didn’t feel comfortable making it our church home. Some were unwelcoming to certain members of society,…