But I Hate Routines!

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As you may have read in this post my husband hasn’t always been a fan of routines. They make him feel stuck and like there’s no time for fun or spontaneity in the day! This was a bit of a sticking point for us when I had just had Emma and was nursing her and giving her naps on a tight schedule… but anyway!

I understand if routines seem boring and even dreadful to you. As a routine-lover, even I like to have room for free time and fun in my days! But I really do think that routines, in some form or another, can be helpful for everyone.

Have Trouble Remembering Things?

If you often forget where you left your purse, or forget to take out dinner to defrost, routines are for you! Creating a small routine for when you get home, or when you first go into the kitchen in the morning, might help you deal with these problems. You could also automate some every-day reminders for yourself.

Here are some other reasons why routines could help you! Convinced, but still wary? Here are some easy ways to test drive routines.

Just Dip Your Toes In

Having a routine doesn’t have to mean that your whole day is rigidly structured. In fact, you might have routines already and not even know it! Do you always brush your teeth after getting out of the shower? Or take off your shoes when you come in the door? Look at you, routine pro!

Leave Open Space

Your whole day doesn’t need to be one long, jam-packed routine! Try adding in routines just for the things you absolutely need to do, like cleaning. Or you could take my approach, and have routines for each segment of your day. Mine are morning, afternoon, and bedtime.

But remember, if you’re here because you hate routines, trying to shove yourself into a minute-by-minute whole-day routine probably will not help you very much! The great thing about routines is that they’re flexible and can change whenever we need them to.

After all, routines are about getting more done with less effort so you can have more free time!

So why do you hate routines? Tell me in the comments!

Want to create your own routines that are unique to your life? I made a worksheet to help you with that! Grab it here:

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Do you just hate routines? Maybe you like being spontaneous, and routines or habits seem boring to you. Or maybe they make you feel trapped. Let me convince you that you probably already use habits and routines, and that they don't have to ruin your life! | Fulfill & Thrive

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