• Reading the Bible every day is an essential part of your Christian faith! Learn why you should start reading the Bible and the benefits you can expect.
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    Why All Christians Should Practice Reading the Bible Every Day

    Reading the Bible is an absolutely essential part of your Christian faith! Understanding the Bible yourself and practicing reading every day will help you live out your faith. Learn why you should start reading the Bible daily and the benefits you can expect. My Bible Reading Practice I currently read the Bible every morning while I drink my coffee. You can read more about my Bible reading practice here. In the past, I’ve read through the Bible in a year, chronologically. This year, I’m starting something new! I will be reading through one chapter per day every morning, starting with the New Testament. It will take me a few years…

  • Struggling to actually understand the Bible? Learn how to make the most of your study time and get to know Scripture and God's story.
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    How to Really Understand the Bible

    Have you ever picked up your Bible, just to put it back down again, more confused than you were before? I completely understand that feeling! I haven’t always been a Christian, so I had a lot of catching up to do to read and understand the Bible. That’s a big reason I decided to read the Bible in a year! But just reading the words on the page won’t help you actually understand the Bible. Keep reading for the best tips to really understand the Bible! Take Your Time Slow down! Especially if you’re on a Bible reading plan, it can be a rush to get through those chapters in…

  • When you don't have a church home, you can feel lonely and far from God. Learn how to keep your faith strong and keep walking in faith without a church!
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    Staying Connected to God When You Don’t Have a Church

    Being part of a church church community is huge part of keeping your Christian faith strong. Hearing sermons and being surrounded by people all striving to be Christ-like… There’s a reason there are so many churches! But what about when you don’t have a church? Keep reading to find out how to stay connected to God and keep your faith strong when you don’t have a church home. Why We Don’t Have a Church Since moving to Indiana, we’ve tried a whole lot of churches! And each one has had a reason that we didn’t feel comfortable making it our church home. Some were unwelcoming to certain members of society,…

  • I wrote a devotional! This devotional about peace explores the promise of peace throughout the NT, and how to bring peace into your busy life.
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    Peace in the New Testament: a devotional about peace

    I’m so excited to announce… I wrote a devotional! This has been a huge goal of mine for the last few years. This started as a Bible study for my women’s group. You can read more about my experience being a small group leader here. I’ve reworked it into a devotional about peace, perfect for women to do individually. This devotional dives into the complex subject of peace in the New Testament! In John 14:27, Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” This…

  • I want my daughter to know the stories of the Bible and all about God’s love for her and others. Here’s how I’m sharing my faith with my daughter! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    How I’m Sharing My Faith with My Daughter

    I didn’t grow up in a Christian home (here’s the story of how I came to Christ). I want Emma to start off her life knowing the stories of the Bible and all about God’s love for her and others! But… how exactly am I supposed to do that? It’s a big job to be a good example when those curious eyes are always watching. Other than letting her see me do the work every day, here’s how I’m sharing my faith with my daughter. A Note about Faith My faith is not Emma’s. I can’t do anything to guarantee she’ll decide to be a lifelong Christian. And growing up…