• Ready to start using a planner to be more productive and organized? Read how I use mine for home and business, and my best tips for how to use yours!
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    How I Use My Planner to Be More Productive

    Before I got my planner, I was running my household and business off a half-sheet sized notepad! I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a planner. It’s helped me be more productive in my daily life, plan out my long-term goals, and juggle all the aspects of my life much more seamlessly. Read on to find out how to use your own planner to be more productive! My Planner You don’t need a fancy, expensive planner to be more productive! I got a weekly layout Day Designer from Target on sale. At the time of writing, they’re sold out of the design I purchased. But this…

  • Our family makes an effort to bring fewer items into our house. Read how having less stuff makes it easier for me to clean and think! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    How Having Less Stuff Makes My Life Easier

    Most of us realize we have way too many things! You already know that having less stuff makes your life more streamlined, helps you think clearer, lets you clean less… But the idea of going through everything, decluttering, and driving to Goodwill twenty times sounds exhausting! Keith and I never had mountains of stuff because we got married young. But I’m working on paring down what we have to just what we need, use, and enjoy. I want to encourage you to do the work and reap the benefits! Here’s how having less stuff makes my life easier and simpler. Psst: I made a worksheet to help you tackle your…

  • I upgraded my daughter's plain FJELLSE twin bed into a cute white bed fit for a princess. Read all about how I accomplished this IKEA bed hack! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    IKEA Bed Hack: Upgrading a FJELLSE twin bed

    Here’s a fun fact about me: I absolutely love IKEA! I don’t think I’ve ever walked about of that store with only what I went in for. Almost everything in our house is from IKEA (and I love assembling their furniture)! Plus, the meatballs… Anyway, back in March Emma was nearly night time potty trained and quickly growing out of her toddler bed. So I decided it was time to get her a big girl bed! But I was really surprised at how expensive they were. IKEA to the rescue! They had some cute options, but I wanted to keep the cost low and I wasn’t afraid of sprucing it…

  • Are you struggling to find a cooking schedule that works for your family's long days? Check out ours, and my tips for how to make it work for your family!
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    The Cooking Schedule I Use for Our Long, Busy Days

    With my husband working so many hours to support our family, our cooking schedule is a bit unconventional during the week. If I’m being honest, it does get old, cooking two dinners five nights a week. But it has to be done, and I’m glad we get the weekend together. If you’re struggling to cook for your family, I hope you’ll get some insights from our cooking schedule, and learn from my tips at the end of the post! How I Cook for Our Schedule Our general weekday schedule looks like this. My husband leaves for work at 5am. I wake up around 6:30 and Emma around 7:30. I stay…

  • It can be hard to balance the desires of your husband and kids with your new diet plan. Check out my tips for keeping everyone happy, balancing family and weight loss, and keeping the scale moving down! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    Balancing Family and Weight Loss

    I know that it can be hard to lose weight when you have to balance the desires of your husband and kids, while still trying to eat healthy and exercise. I’m in the exact same boat! Read on to see my best tips about balancing family and weight loss. Make Your Meals Just a Little Healthier I know how hard it can be to get your kids to eat vegetables, and even harder to get your husband to! So health up your meals in subtle ways. Consider adding more vegetables blended into your pasta sauce, using a bit less oil or sugar than the recipe calls for, baking instead of…