• Figuring out if you’re feeding your toddler portion sizes that are right for them is really difficult! Read for examples of healthy meals and portions. | Fulfill & Thrive
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    Proper Preschooler and Toddler Portion Sizes

    Figuring out if you’re feeding your toddler portion sizes that are right for them is really difficult! They’re such small little people, but they’re active all day… Don’t worry. I’ve done the research for you! Read on to find our the correct toddler portion sizes and some examples of what you can feed your toddler or preschooler. I made a worksheet to go along with this post, just for you! Head over to my Resource Library to print it out. If you haven’t yet, sign up right here! What Your Child Needs Every toddler or preschooler is different, so toddler portion sizes can vary a bit. If your kid is…

  • Are you struggling to find a cooking schedule that works for your family's long days? Check out ours, and my tips for how to make it work for your family!
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    The Cooking Schedule I Use for Our Long, Busy Days

    With my husband working so many hours to support our family, our cooking schedule is a bit unconventional during the week. If I’m being honest, it does get old, cooking two dinners five nights a week. But it has to be done, and I’m glad we get the weekend together. If you’re struggling to cook for your family, I hope you’ll get some insights from our cooking schedule, and learn from my tips at the end of the post! How I Cook for Our Schedule Our general weekday schedule looks like this. My husband leaves for work at 5am. I wake up around 6:30 and Emma around 7:30. I stay…

  • Everyone makes mistakes on their healthy eating plan. If you've slipped up on your diet, you might feel like it's been ruined completely! But don't give up on healthy eating just yet. Here are my tips for how to get back on track with healthy eating. | Fulfill & Thrive
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    How to Get Back on Track with Healthy Eating

    So you screwed up. You hit the drive-thru on your way back from Target. Take a deep breath – it’s okay! I’ve screwed up multiple times on my weight loss journey. Here’s how to get back on track, even if you’ve really blown it! It’s Not the End of the World! Guess what: if you’ve made a mistake in your weight loss journey, that means that you have made progress so far! Great job! You know how to lose weight. You can get back on track and do it again! Chances are the mistake that you made won’t cause you to gain back all of the weight. You can probably…

  • Wondering about intermittent fasting? This way of eating is perfect for you if you're not hungry first thing in the morning. Check out how I'm using intermittent fasting as part of my weight loss journey, and how you can try out the different types, too! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    Still Think Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day?

    Every Saturday morning, before we went out on our errands, I had to make myself a spinach and strawberry smoothie to bring with us. Not only did it take time and dishes, but if I didn’t have something to snack on, I’d get the shakes! You know: when you get so hangry that your hands shake and all you can think about is food, now! And that’s even after eating a full breakfast. Thanks to intermittent fasting, I don’t get that annoying shakiness anymore! Psst! Want the recipe for the Strawberry Spinach Smoothie? It’s in my Resource Library, along with tons of other FREE resources – with more added each…

  • Toddlers and preschoolers are notoriously picky eaters. If your kid struggles with trying new foods, you've probably found out that nagging or shaming doesn't do the trick! I've figured out a method that's got my three-year-old trying all kinds of new foods, even vegetables! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    How I Get My Kid to Try New Foods

    A few years ago, on a health kick, I made a spinach salad with balsamic dressing. I hated it! But my little Emma, who was one at the time, polished the whole thing off – and asked for more! She loved to try new foods… until she turned 2. Something happened around two years of age when she decided to have opinions about food. Strong ones! And since then she’s just gotten more opinionated and verbal about what she does and doesn’t like. Here is what I’ve done to get her to try new foods! Offer They can’t try it if they don’t have the chance! Offer new, interesting, and…