• Do you want to slow down and enjoy your life… without having to move to a cabin in the woods? Learn the benefits of slowing down and how to do it.
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    How to Slow Down and Enjoy Every Day

    Does your life feel rushed and hectic? Especially for stay-at-home and work-at-home moms, we often feel like we should be enjoying every precious moment with our children. But in real life, we have chores, responsibilities, work, and children to deal with. So how can we slow down and enjoy our lives… without having to move to an off-grid cabin in the woods? Read on to learn the benefits of slowing down and how to do it. Why Should I Slow Down? You know that feeling all moms have half an hour before bedtime… Head spinning with dirty dishes, unbathed kids, unfinished homework, what you need to catch up on before…

  • Decision fatigue can make your productivity plans fail before you even begin! Learn the best ways to avoid decision fatigue for busy moms.
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    How to Avoid Decision Fatigue

    The dreaded decision fatigue. It can make your productivity plans fail before you even begin! But what can you do about it? Learn how to identify decision fatigue and the best ways to avoid it for busy moms. What is Decision Fatigue? The theory of decision fatigue begins with the idea that you can only make so many good decision before your brain starts to get tired. You know what I mean: you can eat healthy for breakfast, even lunch, but by dinner you’re too worn out to make the good choice of having a healthy dinner! You’ve heard of famous people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wearing the…

  • Drowning in to-dos? Learn how to simplify your schedule, get more done in less time, and lighten your mental burden - all by doing less!
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    How to Simplify Your Schedule and Get More Done

    Even though I’m a stay-at-home mom and online business owner, I try to keep my days pretty simple. We generally do the same things at the same times every day. I use my planner to keep track of what I need to do, and rarely do we find ourselves rushing around. Read on to learn how to simplify your schedule and how I do it! Why Simplify Your Schedule? Your schedule doesn’t need to be three pages long and color-coded to keep your sanity together. In fact, simplifying your schedule will help you do more in less time, lighten your mental burden, and have fewer things fall through the cracks.…

  • Our family makes an effort to bring fewer items into our house. Read how having less stuff makes it easier for me to clean and think! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    How Having Less Stuff Makes My Life Easier

    Most of us realize we have way too many things! You already know that having less stuff makes your life more streamlined, helps you think clearer, lets you clean less… But the idea of going through everything, decluttering, and driving to Goodwill twenty times sounds exhausting! Keith and I never had mountains of stuff because we got married young. But I’m working on paring down what we have to just what we need, use, and enjoy. I want to encourage you to do the work and reap the benefits! Here’s how having less stuff makes my life easier and simpler. Psst: I made a worksheet to help you tackle your…

  • As a stay-at-home mom and online business owner, I have a lot on my mind! Automating everything I can frees up mental space so I can think about the important stuff. Read what kinds of tasks I automate, and my tips for you! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    How I Use Automation

    We all have so much to juggle in our lives. Work, parenthood, relationships, cleaning, and that’s just the start! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, even if you have great routines in place already. Enter automation: using technology to help take the load off you! My Secret Weapon: iPhone Reminders! The main way I use automation in my everyday life is with reminders and alarms on my phone. These little beeps serve as anchor points throughout my day. And they remind me to keep moving so I don’t get behind! Reminders for My Everyday Routines My phone dings at 7:30am, ending my Bible reading time and reminding me to make Emma…