• When your husband travels for work, it takes effort to keep your marriage strong. Here's how my husband and I made it through together!
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    When Your Husband Travels for Work

    It’s hard when your husband travels for work. Whether he’s away for a weekend or a season, having a strong marriage despite the distance and stress takes a lot of work! I’ve been through it, and I’ve gathered my best tips for staying connected when your husband travels for work. Our Story Keith started his career as a truck driver when Emma was less than a year old. Getting used to him being over the road for months at a time was really difficult. Not only was I at home all day with a baby, he was lonely and dealing with the stresses of a new job! He was gone…

  • We all have rough patches in marriage. The test of a strong marriage is being able to get through them, heal, and move on stronger than ever! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    How to Overcome Rough Patches in Marriage

    We all have rough patches in marriage. The test of a strong marriage is being able to get through them, heal, and move on stronger than ever! Keith and I have been through our share of difficulties in our marriage. But with good communication and commitment to each other, our relationship keeps improving. Here’s how we get through rough patches in marriage, and fully move on from them. Psst: I made a worksheet to go along with this post! It’s in my Resource Library, along with lots of other great resources you’ll love. Click the banner below to get signed up! Date your husband! You’ve heard it before: don’t stop…

  • Getting married young definitely has its benefits - and its downsides. Read this honest look at early marriage, written by a young wife.
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    Real-Life Pros and Cons of Getting Married Young

    Keith and I got married when we were both very young, and we’ve been together for five years now! In that time, we’ve really grown into our marriage, moved states, and had a beautiful daughter. But to be honest – it hasn’t been easy. Getting married young comes with its own set of challenges that we battle against often. If you’re considering getting married at a young age, my hope is that our experience will give you a real-life look at what to expect. Our Story I was 18 when we got married, and Keith was 21. We had been dating and engaged for less than a year! But we…

  • Spouses can have disagreements about a lot of things, but perhaps one of the most devastating is parenting. Here are my steps to finding a parenting style that works for both of you, and talking about it productively! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    When You and Your Husband Disagree about Parenting

    It can be frustrating and disheartening when you and your husband disagree on parenting style. He’s supposed to be your parenting partner! I know that not agreeing on parenting can wreak havoc in your relationship and family. Keith and I have faced this many times since we became parents. When Emma was a baby, it didn’t matter quite as much as it does now. She has a memory like a steel trap! And the way we both treat her is starting to really affect her. These rifts between my husband and I went as deep as our marriage at their worst. Thankfully, we’re doing our best to get on the…