• Is your food bill too high? Use these tips to save money on groceries by learning where and when to shop, what to buy, and how to get your family on board.
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    How to Save Money on Groceries

    Food is a huge expense for any family! I’ve talked a bit about how we got into debt before, but eating out so much and over-shopping was our biggest mistake. We used to buy foods in bulk that we would never be able to finish before they went bad! Now that we’re teaching ourselves to eat at home more, we’re discovering ways to save money on groceries. It’s taken some time to learn and actually implement these strategies, but with some discipline, you can too! How We Save Money on Groceries Now, we have our grocery spending under control! We try to spend an average of $100 per week for…

  • My husband and I wracked up credit card debt by eating fast food and shopping. Here's how we're using the debt snowball method to pay it off! | Fulfill & Thrive
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    How We Paid Off Our First Credit Card Using the Debt Snowball

    This is a little embarrassing to admit, but Keith and I are carrying a pretty hefty amount of credit card debt. We accumulated most of it while I was staying home and we needed to make up for his low salary with credit… And also, we ate a lot of fast food! Keith has worked really hard to climb the ladder and make what he does now. And now we’re paying for our past mistakes. The good news is, we have everything we need and we have enough left over to start paying it off for real. Here’s how we used the debt snowball method to pay off our first…