• Learn the essential tips & tools for balancing your time, staying efficient, managing distractions, and keeping the peace while working at home with kids.
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    Working at Home with Kids: Tips & Tools

    Many people dream of running their own online business with kids at home, but it’s a struggle! Balancing your time, staying efficient, managing distractions, and still keeping your kids happy is a real juggling act. What do you need to actually succeed at working at home with kids? Read on to learn my best tips and the essential tools! The Reality of Working at Home with Kids It’s nice to imagine our kids playing nicely, building block towers, and doing puzzles quietly while we grow our businesses. But in reality, kids are needy and interrupt often! Even on days when I have a lot to do, I still get up…

  • Want to become a more confident blogger? Learn how to go from nervous and overwhelmed, to generally confident in your abilities and message as a blogger.
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    How to Become a More Confident Blogger

    I’ve had this blog for just over a year now, and I’ve learned so much! Not only that, I’ve grown from being nervous and overwhelmed, to generally confident in my abilities as a blogger. I bet you’d like to do the same! Keep reading to learn how to become a confident blogger. Practice! You know what they say: practice makes progress! (I’m sure everyone would agree that there’s no such thing as a perfect blogger.) The only way to get comfortable with your blogging platform, plugins, social media, sharing your thoughts with the world… is to actually do it. The first time I launched a product, I was terrified of…

  • Decision fatigue can make your productivity plans fail before you even begin! Learn the best ways to avoid decision fatigue for busy moms.
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    How to Avoid Decision Fatigue

    The dreaded decision fatigue. It can make your productivity plans fail before you even begin! But what can you do about it? Learn how to identify decision fatigue and the best ways to avoid it for busy moms. What is Decision Fatigue? The theory of decision fatigue begins with the idea that you can only make so many good decision before your brain starts to get tired. You know what I mean: you can eat healthy for breakfast, even lunch, but by dinner you’re too worn out to make the good choice of having a healthy dinner! You’ve heard of famous people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wearing the…

  • Overwhelmed with work-at-home mom life? I'm a full-time mom running an online business - learn how I'm productive as a WAHM with my kid at home.
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    How to Be Productive as a WAHM

    I’m a full-time mom who is also growing an online business – so my life can be pretty hectic! Actually getting stuff done as a work-at-home mom is really hard some days. But I’m figuring out some tips and tricks as I go! Here are my best tips to be productive as a WAHM. Getting Started When I started my blog, I was only spending a few minutes here and there on it. So it didn’t really affect my then-three year old Emma too much. But now that it’s turned into a full time job, it’s a delicate balance! Emma goes to preschool two days a week, giving me a…

  • Ready to start using a planner to be more productive and organized? Read how I use mine for home and business, and my best tips for how to use yours!
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    How I Use My Planner to Be More Productive

    Before I got my planner, I was running my household and business off a half-sheet sized notepad! I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a planner. It’s helped me be more productive in my daily life, plan out my long-term goals, and juggle all the aspects of my life much more seamlessly. Read on to find out how to use your own planner to be more productive! My Planner You don’t need a fancy, expensive planner to be more productive! I got a weekly layout Day Designer from Target on sale. At the time of writing, they’re sold out of the design I purchased. But this…