How to Become a More Confident Blogger

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I’ve had this blog for just over a year now, and I’ve learned so much! Not only that, I’ve grown from being nervous and overwhelmed, to generally confident in my abilities as a blogger. I bet you’d like to do the same! Keep reading to learn how to become a confident blogger.


You know what they say: practice makes progress! (I’m sure everyone would agree that there’s no such thing as a perfect blogger.) The only way to get comfortable with your blogging platform, plugins, social media, sharing your thoughts with the world… is to actually do it.

The first time I launched a product, I was terrified of what other people would think. Turns out, they didn’t think anything at all, because no one bought it! I was too self-conscious to share my product, so no one knew it existed. It hurt that I didn’t get any sales, but I realized I need to overcome my nerves and be proud of what I produce.


If you’re serious about blogging, it’s time to research! Understanding SEO, how social media algorithms work, and the basics of marketing on each platform will help you become a more confident blogger much sooner. There is a lot of information out there, but don’t get overwhelmed! As you learn, implement a little bit at a time into your new content, and see if it works for you.

Read Others’ Methods

Seeing how other bloggers are successful can help you become a more confident blogger! Reading income reports has especially helped me see how others split up their income and time. You can also look through the top posts from your favorite bloggers and take some tips from them.

But Not Too Much!

On the other hand, getting too wrapped up in what other bloggers are doing can make you doubt yourself even more. If your favorite bloggers are offering services, that doesn’t mean you have to! If you don’t want to write an eBook or create a masterclass, then don’t. Because following your own passions, and creating content that you can be proud of, is the best way to become a confident blogger.

Want to become a more confident blogger? Learn how to go from nervous and overwhelmed, to generally confident in your abilities and message as a blogger.

Finding My Groove

It took almost my entire first year to find my groove. After a few product and service flops, I feel great about what I have available. I can share them confidently because I know my offerings will change lives!

Email-Only Life Coaching

I decided to offer email-only life coaching for a few reasons. First, it fills a need for busy moms who don’t have time or consistent schedules to make phone appointments. It also fits in with my schedule of having a four-year-old at home while getting my degree!

Peace in the New Testament

This is the first devotional I wrote, and I love writing these workbooks so much. The devotional takes readers on a journey through ten passages in the New Testament, letting them realize where God’s promise of peace is getting blocked from their lives. It’s available in paperback on Amazon here, or to download as a PDF here!

Word of the Year Workbooks

I wrote this series of workbooks to help women learn how to actually use and live out their word of the year. These were really fun to create, because I took myself through the same process that readers go through, and it’s really changed how I feel about goal-setting and my power to change! Check out all the available workbooks here.

What Really Makes a Successful Blogger?

There’s a reason there’s no single proven way to become a successful, confident blogger… Because the thing that makes you special is you! Being yourself in all your content is what will make you confident, what will make you brand stand out, and what will keep you going in the long journey of blogging. Trying to be someone else, or follow someone else’s plan will only make you doubt yourself. You are what will make you successful: your personality, your quirks, your perspective. Being a confident blogger is all about being yourself!

What’s your biggest struggle with becoming a confident blogger? Tell me in the comments!

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Want to become a more confident blogger? Learn how to go from nervous and overwhelmed, to generally confident in your abilities and message as a blogger.

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