How I’m Becoming a More Confident Mom

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Do you remember when you had your first baby? If you were anything like me, it took you about two seconds to realize that no book or class could prepare you for really having a baby. The first few months (okay, years) of Emma’s life was filled with frantic Googling and texting my mom at the slightest hint of a problem. I was an insecure first-time mom, and that’s totally normal! Now that Emma’s getting older and we’re considering the idea of a second baby, here’s how I’m becoming a more confident mom!


Of course, the best way to realize that everything will probably be okay is to see it in action! All those times I was sure that I was ruining Emma’s childhood… Well, she’s still doing great. And she still loves me more than anything. You will learn, through experience, what your baby’s cries mean. You’ll figure out what they’re babbling about pretty quick. And you’ll learn the difference between a real cry of pain and an attention-grabbing whine. Before you know it, time will make you a seasoned, confident mom!

Kids are Tough

Those nights I stayed up worrying is that 99 degree fever was going to send us rushing to the hospital… I really could have used that sleep! Being proactive when your kid is sick is smart and will help calm your mind. But a little Tylenol can go a long way!

Join Moms Groups

Moms groups are super valuable, especially to first time moms. You can talk about just about anything under the sun, and another mom has been through it. And she made it out the other side! Don’t be afraid to be open with other moms and learn from their experience.

Are you struggling with insecurity as a mom? That's totally normal - I was too! Here's how I'm becoming a more confident mom. | Fulfill & Thrive

Ask Questions

On a similar note, whenever you have a chance, ask questions! At the doctor’s office, with another confident mom, with your own mom. Even if you think it will make you sound dumb, just ask. You could be saving yourself a big headache and a lot of stress, just by being willing to ask!

Accept Advice

Pregnant women and new moms receive a lot of advice we didn’t ask for! But let me tell you something: Some of advice can actually be good. An example is “sleep when the baby sleeps.” After having a newborn for a week, we realize that’s ridiculous and nothing would ever get done! But here’s that same advice with a little more thought behind it, from me. Take a nap with the baby if you need to, and don’t feel guilty about it. You’ll be surprisingly refreshed and ready to tackle another day of feeding, spit up, and laundry. Those often-repeated snippets of advice have stuck around for a reason!

Trust Your Mom Instincts

You have them for a reason! Is something in your gut telling you there’s something wrong? Follow that instinct. Even if it turns out not to be true, you won’t be able to get it off your mind until you know your kid is okay. Don’t be afraid to act like a confident mom and advocate for your child to get answers. And most importantly: don’t be afraid to be wrong, because you could be right!

No Mom is Perfect

You might become a confident mom, but you’ll never be a perfect one. Because they don’t exist! Now, you can always try your best, figure out your parenting style, use a mom schedule, and all those things will help you be a great mom. But there’s no way to be a perfect mom. Don’t pressure yourself to do something impossible!

How are you becoming a more confident mom? Tell me in the comments!

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Are you struggling with insecurity as a mom? That's totally normal - I was too! Here's how I'm becoming a more confident mom. | Fulfill & Thrive

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