Staying Connected to God When You Don’t Have a Church

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Being part of a church church community is huge part of keeping your Christian faith strong. Hearing sermons and being surrounded by people all striving to be Christ-like… There’s a reason there are so many churches! But what about when you don’t have a church? Keep reading to find out how to stay connected to God and keep your faith strong when you don’t have a church home.

Why We Don’t Have a Church

Since moving to Indiana, we’ve tried a whole lot of churches! And each one has had a reason that we didn’t feel comfortable making it our church home. Some were unwelcoming to certain members of society, some supported causes we weren’t comfortable supporting, one place’s worship was so loud it literally injured my eardrum! We’re definitely picky, but we want to walk out of church feeling better than we did when we walked in – and we haven’t found that in Indiana yet. So we’ll keep searching until we find it. In the meantime, I’m focusing on ways to keep my faith from slipping to the back of my mind. Tell me your tips in the comments!

I wrote a devotional! This devotional about peace explores the promise of peace throughout the NT, and how to bring peace into your busy life.

Reading the Bible

I believe reading and becoming familiar with the Bible is a mandatory practice for all Christians! It’s the Word of God – the best way to learn about Him, His personality, and build a personal relationship with Him. And having a strong personal relationship with God as brought me through some low and lonely times. I read the Bible (almost) every weekday, and I’m almost through my second year of reading the Bible in a year. Reading different translations and versions is important, too, to get a well-rounded understanding of what you’re reading. I always recommend getting a study Bible (here’s the one that’s on my Christmas list – I currently have the eBook version!). I love how it explains important points in each verse, and answers that question we stumble over so often: “What the heck does that mean??”

Watching Sermon Podcasts

I love to keep up with my old home church’s sermons… although I’m a few months behind! You can check them out here. My mom (hi Mom!) sends me sermons she finds, too. Most churches these days stream their sermons. So if you know of one you’re interested in or want to check out, you can listen in whenever you want!

When you don't have a church home, you can feel lonely and far from God. Learn how to keep your faith strong and keep walking in faith without a church!

Bathing my Life in Christ

I like to surround myself with hints and reminders, to keep my head in the right place. My phone background is my favorite place to put Bible verses that I really need to focus on. Right now it’s Mark 11:24. I enjoy making my own backgrounds, and you can get your hands on the one I made for this verse in my Resource Library!

Watching my Thoughts

It’s easy when you don’t have a church to let your thoughts slip. Perhaps you find yourself being more selfish, swearing more, or just judging people who walk by you in the grocery store. I’m guilty of all three! We need to hold ourselves to the same standard outside of church that we would inside. It’s hard to keep our thoughts under control. But taking every thought captive to Christ takes practice and discipline – and I’ll keep trying, even after I mess up!

Staying Connected to my Community

Keeping in touch with my friends is so easy thanks to social media! But don’t let seeing posts in your news feed count as real interaction. Message and call each other often, keep each other updated on your struggles, and pray with each other. Sharing your heart with other believers will not only take the load off you, but help you see another Christian’s perspective of your problems.

Go to a Small Group

Even if you don’t have a church, it can be easier to join a small group or Bible study! Many groups accept people who don’t go to their church. You might even be able to find a group that’s not connected to one specific church. I’ve been considering for a few months starting a Bible study in my home, because I miss the fellowship so much! Don’t worry, I’ll update with my final decision.

What are you doing to keep yourself connected to your faith, even if you don’t have a church right now? Leave a comment and tell me!

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When you don't have a church home, you can feel lonely and far from God. Learn how to keep your faith strong and keep walking in faith without a church!

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  • Hi! Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been w/out a car for over 2 yrs so getting to church is difficult! Like you mentioned, its so easy to “slip” in those areas when we aren’t part of a church home. I miss it so much! Especially when you’re struggling in many areas , as I am right now. Like you, I’m picky when it comes to picking a church. I used to go where church service was led by Holy Spirit & u could just feel God’s presence there- not by a list in a bulletin! That’s hard to find! I do my Bible study & watch sermons on TV for now, but its not the same! Thanks for the encouragement!

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