How to Bring Your Faith into Your Daily Life

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You go to church on Sunday… but what about the rest of the week? How do you live out your Christian faith in your daily life? For most of us, the answer is simple: we don’t. But, bringing your faith into your daily life can have great results. Not only will you feel closer to God, you’ll be a better picture of Jesus to others and shine His light better! Keep reading to learn how to bring your faith into your daily life.

Why is living out our faith important?

In Acts 2:42-47, we see how the first Christians brought their faith into their daily life. We can see they spent a lot of time together! They shared what they owned, gave generously, and ate, studied, and worshipped together. Although this level of closeness might be a bit much for the introverts among us, it’s a great description of what living out faith in your daily life looks like. But why did they spend so much time together, and why did they put in so much effort? You might feel differently, but I believe it’s because they wanted to be as much like Jesus as possible. And since we’re flawed and we get distracted, most of us need to fully dedicate ourselves to something so important in order to stay on track.

How to Bring Your Faith into Your Daily Life

Read the Bible!

Acts 2:42 says that the believers “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching”. For modern believers, that means learning the Word of God and actually understanding it for ourselves. Yes, having the preacher explain the passage is nice, but I firmly believe every Christian needs to learn and read the Bible themselves. I know what you’re thinking: I don’t have time to read the Bible! I broke down how to read the Bible in a year to help you start easily. Reading the Bible will not only help you understand God’s Word better, it’ll help His personality, commands, and grace sink into your life.

Bringing your faith into your daily life can have great results. You'll get closer to God and be a better example of Jesus to others!

Surround Yourself with the Word

But just reading your Bible in the morning (and promptly forgetting what you read) might not be enough! When a verse or phrase jumps out at you, that’s a good sign that God is talking to you. Pay attention! Let that verse into your life and surround yourself with it. I like to make a background for my phone in Canva for free. You could also look for a bracelet with that phrase or have one made, get a wall hanging, find a song…

Worship Music

Speaking of songs, listening to worship music is a great way to bring your faith into your daily life! There’s something about getting a worship song stuck in your head that just changes your brain. It’s also great for adding small moments of praising God into your every day life. I like to play worship music on a Bluetooth speaker at my desk while I work. It keeps my mind in the right place!

Don’t Just Think – Do!

It takes practice to live out your faith in your daily life. So, practice! Devote yourself, as those first believers did, to pleasing God, being like Jesus, learning as much as you can about the God we worship, and being a light to world. Granted, that’s easier said than done. So, consider praying every morning (after your Bible time!) for help to live out your faith in your daily life today.

Learn from Others

Spending time with other Christians is the best way to see how others live out their own faith. Perhaps you’ll notice how someone you admire treats the waitress so kindly when you go out to lunch together. Or maybe someone you know goes out and prays for struggling people on the streets. Maybe you’ll find out that an acquaintance volunteers twenty hours a month! Spend time with others and see how they live out their faith in their daily life – you might get inspired!

Go to Church

I wrote about what to do if you don’t have a church… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking! Acts 2:46 says “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts.” I’m not saying you have to go to church every day, but having a community of believers you can meet with often will help you learn from others, learn more about the Word, and be surrounded in prayer.

How do you live out your faith in your daily life? What areas need work? Comment below!

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Bringing your faith into your daily life can have great results. You'll get closer to God and be a better example of Jesus to others!

2 thoughts on “How to Bring Your Faith into Your Daily Life”

  • I am terrible with this. I know I leave my faith at the church doors when I leave. I have started reading the bible, but have never finished it. I have become a little disconnected since having my baby who is a year old now. I know that I need to make this a priority. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Hey there! It’s so hard to keep up with reading the Bible with little ones – give yourself grace! Raising your little one is an important God-given job too 🙂

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