Is the Fear of Failure Keeping You from Achieving Your Goals?

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Let me ask you a question. Have you achieved that goal you’ve been working at for so long? You know the one I’m talking about – the goal you’ve had for months if not years, that will totally change your life once you reach it. I have a few of those myself! If you haven’t, this post is for you. Keep reading to identify if fear of failure is what’s keeping your from achieving your goals, and what to do about it.

How to Know if Fear of Failure is Keeping You from Achieving Your Goals

You can’t get started.

If you find that you just can’t start working towards your goal, you might be experiencing the fear of failure! There’s something inside you that makes you feel like starting is too scary or too much work, so you put it off another week. Sound familiar?

You won’t commit.

Perhaps there’s something you need to do to get your goal going. But you didn’t buy the healthy foods this week. You haven’t scheduled your first personal trainer session. You can’t go through with buying your website hosting package. That first step is such a leap, that you’re not sure you’re fully ready to commit to your goal!

You didn’t make a plan.

Maybe you ran head-on into your goal, but you stopped after only a few days. You committed to eating healthier, but once you ran out of quinoa you stopped. Or maybe you posted a few blog posts, but you gave up. You haven’t thought through what your goal looks like lived out, every day.

You aren’t telling people about your goals.

If you’re afraid of sharing your goal with your friends and family, the fear of failure might be holding you back. You don’t want them to know if you fall off the wagon, or if your goal flops. So you just don’t tell them at all, and you have no one to hold you accountable!

You’re a perfectionist.

Have you struggled with being a perfectionist in the past? Perfectionism is a double edged sword, my friend. Yes, the things you end up doing might be pretty darn close to perfect. But how much doesn’t get done because it wasn’t up to your standards? Or maybe more importantly, because you didn’t have time to do them perfectly? Making every single thing perfect takes a lot of energy, and it could be holding you back from achieving your goals.

Could the fear of failure be holding you back from achieving your biggest goals? Read to find out - and learn what to do about it!

How to Overcome Fear of Failure and Achieve Your Goals

Make a detailed plan.

Think through your goal. Break it down into parts – what do you need to do to accomplish this goal? Maybe you’d like to start eating more salads. Or spend more time working on your blog. Now take those parts and make them very specific. You want to replace three meals a week with salads. Or you’ll spend an hour every weekday working on your blog. Then work these goals into your schedule, and stick to them the best you can!

Done is better than perfect!

If perfectionism is holding you back, remember that having it done is good enough! It’s better to stick to your deadlines than be late and unfinished. I remind myself of this every month with my blog posts. Would I rather have a month’s worth of content ready to go, or have nothing?

Accept that everyone fails.

Everyone – celebrities, Instagram influencers, your mentor – has failed, and will fail again. So will you. Will you let those failures stop you? Or will you learn from them and try again?

Make a worst-case scenario list.

This might sound unhelpful, but thinking about the worst thing that could happen if you failed might just be freeing. If you’re trying to eat healthier but you’re afraid you’ll fail, what exactly are you afraid of? My guess is you’ll be exactly where you are now. If you want to start a blog and it fails, you’ll have lost your time and the money you spent to get started. Is that fear of failure worth what you could gain if you succeed?

What goal have you been putting off? Tell me in the comments!

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Could the fear of failure be holding you back from achieving your biggest goals? Read to find out - and learn what to do about it!

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