How Having Less Stuff Makes My Life Easier

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Most of us realize we have way too many things! You already know that having less stuff makes your life more streamlined, helps you think clearer, lets you clean less… But the idea of going through everything, decluttering, and driving to Goodwill twenty times sounds exhausting! Keith and I never had mountains of stuff because we got married young. But I’m working on paring down what we have to just what we need, use, and enjoy. I want to encourage you to do the work and reap the benefits! Here’s how having less stuff makes my life easier and simpler.

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Less Kitchen Stuff

I know, I know – that newest kitchen gadget is going to make it so much easier to make dinner every night! I thought that about my crock pot too, until I learned that my husband thinks all crock pot meals taste the same. I love them though, and use it one a week or so for my own meals or prepping shredded chicken or soup. Anyway, we would have survived if I’d never gotten that crock pot. Or the griddle I threw out when we moved. Or all those extra tupperwares!

Now, there are some things in my kitchen that I couldn’t live without. I have this amazing immersion blender/food processor set and I use it multiple times a week. It saves me time, it’s small, it’s multiuse, and it’s going on three years old. Now that’s a kitchen workhorse! Having less stuff in the kitchen makes it easier to organize countertops and cabinets, too.

Fewer Toys

If you have a way to get kids to clean up their rooms, please comment below and tell me your secrets!! Most days I can get Emma to clean up her toys. But other days it’s like I’m asking her to run a marathon! Call me a pushover, but I usually let her just go to sleep on those days, and clean up for her. Having fewer toys, and keeping them in easy-to-reach clear containers, really helps her be able to clean up throughout the day. And I have less to clean up on those rough days!

Less Office Stuff

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a school supplies junkie! Nothing gets me excited like a new planner. This is the one I use every single day, and I can’t tell you how much it’s increased my productivity! Now that was a worthwhile purchase! I’ll be writing a post soon about how exactly I use my planner. But it took a few years for me to realize that I probably wasn’t going to be using folders anytime soon. Why was I hoarding ten? And why do I still have a protractor?! It’s less stuff to lug around during moves, and having less stuff in my desk gives me more room for important blog-related stuff.

Our family makes an effort to bring fewer items into our house. Read how having less stuff makes it easier for me to clean and think! | Fulfill & Thrive

Fewer Clothes

Both Keith and I have weekday uniforms of sorts. He wears shorts in summer and jeans in winter with a black t-shirt to work. I wear yoga pants and a t shirt, with a cardigan and my favorite fuzzy slippers! We both have some weekend and going out clothes, too. Of course, Emma’s growing like a weed so we’re just trying to keep up with her! Having less stuff in our closets allows us room to store stuff like beach towels and an air mattress.

Less Holiday Stuff

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas! But I don’t love having so many holiday decorations. Because of that, we decorate generally the same way every year, so we don’t keep accumulating new stuff. I also keep bows, gift bags, and rolls of wrapping paper from year to year. We save space and headaches by having less stuff for holiday decorating – we don’t have to fight the crowds to get the last box of silver ornaments!

Fewer Keepsakes

This is a hard one to rationalize. We have one box of sentimental stuff. And as the years go by I realize that fewer of those things actually mean something to me. I kept a report I got a perfect score on for years… Now I can’t even remember what that report was about! We do keep things like yearly Christmas cards, family heirloom trinkets, and other really special things that we or Emma would enjoy one day.

Less Junk

Having less stuff is great – but if that sounds overwhelming, just start with getting rid of junk! You know what I’m talking about. That drawer that collects menus from restaurants you didn’t like, broken Happy Meal toys, the instruction manual for your toaster from 1998… Go through all those bins, boxes, drawers, shelves that you use every day and get rid of what’s clearly trash. Just getting all that junk out can really help you think more clearly!

Have you gotten rid of stuff in your own home? Tell me in the comments!

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Our family makes an effort to bring fewer items into our house. Read how having less stuff makes it easier for me to clean and think! | Fulfill & Thrive

Our family makes an effort to bring fewer items into our house. Read how having less stuff makes it easier for me to clean and think!

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