How to Be More Efficient

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I know I’m not the only one who feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day! With so many things to juggle, we need to find ways to squeeze more out of the time we do have. Since I started this blog (and really since I became a mom) I’ve been interested in efficiency and how to be the most efficient that I can be.

For my blog, I only have a few free hours, cut into segments, to get anything done. (Of course I am being interrupted by my three-year-old Emma, too!) It’s a process learning how to get the most done at a time. Here are some of the tips I’ve learned that are helping me!

Take Breaks

I know it seems counterintuitive that taking breaks can increase efficiency! Shouldn’t I use all the time I have to work? But giving myself a break about every hour helps me from getting burnt out! Your eyes and posture will thank you in the long run. It also gives me time to help get Emma set up with a new activity, so I can focus on staying efficient.

Group Like Things Together

This is called ‘batching’ and it’s a clever trick among bloggers. Doing similar things in batches, like writing more than one post at a time, can help you get more done. I don’t have to switch from writer to editor to graphic designer and back just for one post. I can do a few at a time and wear one hat for a bit longer!

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions could be clutter, noise, your phone, or your kid. I’m not saying eliminate your kid! But when I really need to get some things done, I set up Emma with her Fire Kids tablet on her bed and let her watch a few shows in a row. Probably not A+ parenting, but good for the occasional crunch day. You also could take some time to clean up your desk or office so you don’t see all your to-do’s nagging you! And of course put your phone out of sight so notifications aren’t calling to you. If you can’t find completely quiet, low music could help. For me, music is too distracting so I use white noise. You can look around on iTunes to play on repeat.

Plan Before You Start

Now that your space is quiet and clean and you know how long until it’s break time, plan out your block of time. For me, my morning work time is devoted to weekly tasks like writing my email newsletter. Afternoons are for my monthly task like writing posts or making graphics. And evenings are for keeping up on my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. I have a calendar that tells what what posts to work on when, so I always know what I’m about to do. So when I am ready to work and I have everything set up, I can be my most efficient and get right to it!

Write It Down

The more information you have to hold in your mind, the less you can pay attention to what you need to do right now! Write down what’s on your mind. Keep (at least!) one to-do list. When I get an idea for a new blog post, I write it down in my Notes app right away. I’ll do a quick outline if I have time, too! And when I sit down to work and something is bothering me, I make sure to set a reminder on my phone so I can take care of it when I’m done.

Use Small Rewards

Having something small to look forward to when you finish can be just what you need to push through! For example, after I finish my last block of work, I get to lay down on the couch for ten minutes before I make Emma dinner. Talk about a reward!

I’m always looking for more ways to be efficient in my everyday life. What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!

Using a routine is another great way to be more efficient! Want to create your own routines that are unique to your life? I made a worksheet to help you with that! Grab it here:

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I wish I could find more hours in the day, but instead I have to work with what we all have - and make sure I'm being as efficient as possible during them! Read about how I stay productive whenever I can as a mom and business owner. | Fulfill & Thrive

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