Our Afternoon Routine

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Our afternoon routine is the most flexible part of our day! After finishing our morning routine, the rest of the day can be busy or calm depending on what we both need. If one of us is sick, we’ll take it easy and get some much-needed rest. Or we’ll go out on an adventure! But here is the basis of our afternoon routine.


Lunch is a tough topic in this house. Emma is her hungriest at lunch time, and I’m usually my most busy! Getting her to be patient while I cook has been a battle. Despite my best efforts, she’s usually too hangry to help in the kitchen!

So I’ve been giving her a ‘first course’ of veggies or fruit to keep her occupied until I can get the rest of lunch together. That works out because she gets fiber and vitamins, and I get some quiet for a minute!

Usually by now she has to go potty! We use this potty seat along with this step stool to help her get on and off the potty with ease. Some days she has surprised me by going all by herself and wiping without needing help! Her independence is blooming!


If we have to go to the grocery store, we’ll do that after lunch. I usually schedule doctor’s appointments and things like that for this time, too. And on the way home I have to stop at Starbucks for a pick me up, of course!

Afternoon is a tough time of day for moms! Don't stop at 2pm. Read about how my daughter and I keep going through the whole afternoon.

Play or Rest

If Emma didn’t sleep well or is sick, I’ll give her her Fire Kids Tablet so she stays still and rests for a bit. I love being able to set limits on it so I know she’s not using it too much.

If she’s feeling great and looking to get into trouble! I’ll set her up with an art project. She will be starting preschool in the fall so right now we are using this Preschool Readiness Kit. I also have Color Wonder paper and markers out for her to use anytime, since they are mess-free!

Snack Time!

When snack time comes around I am starting to run out of energy! Late afternoons and evenings are the hardest time of day for me. I’ll have another cup of coffee around now. One of Emma’s favorite snacks, aside from fruit or cheese, is popsicles! We mash yogurt and fruit, add a bit of honey, and put them into a popsicle mold. They’re a favorite no matter the season!

Afternoon Chores

The rest of the day consists of getting Emma to not jump on the couch or climb on the coffee table, do a quick tidy of her toys, switch the laundry, and prep dinner. If I have any free time I’ll do some more writing or watch a show on our Fire TV. Or I’ll do a deep cleaning project if I can’t put it off any longer! I use CLR about once a month on our showers, faucets and drains. This Indiana hard water is no joke!

That’s it for our afternoon routine! Check out our bedtime routine next.

What does your afternoon routine look like? Tell me in the comments!

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Afternoon is a tough time of day for moms! Don't stop at 2pm. Read about how my daughter and I keep going through the whole afternoon.

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