Our Bedtime Routine

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Oh man. The bedtime routine. Just reading the phrase is exhausting! Trying to wrangle an energetic little girl, still wound up from the excitement of the day into bed? Good thing I get to go to sleep after— I mean, spend quality with my husband, of course!

If you haven’t already, check out our morning routine and our afternoon routine before you read this post. It’ll still be here when you get back! Our bedtime routine begins with…

Dinner Time!

The battle of dinner time is legendary! Just like with lunch, I usually give Emma a first course of veggies or fruit to keep her busy while I finish up dinner. After she eats, I tell her that it’s almost bath time and that she can get in when she’s finished cleaning up her toys. You’ve never seen a kid clean so quickly!

Into the Bathroom

Starting at around age 2, Emma had a phase of hating baths. Every once in a while I would drag her into the shower with me to get her clean, and it was a scream fest! Thankfully, she’s figured out that baths are fun. (And she also gets to pretend to be a mermaid!) This rinsing cup was a big part of helping her start to like baths. I can rinse the soap out of her hair without getting her nose wet! Color drops also helped a lot too. What princess could resist getting into a pink bath?!

After getting jammies on, we brush hair and teeth and go potty.

Get Snuggled Up

Emma chooses a book for us to read and gets in bed. If I’m extra tired and she chose a long book, I’ll skip a few pages… don’t tell on me! Then we pray, which she insists on doing herself! I sing her two songs while she drifts off, and she falls the rest of the way asleep herself if she hasn’t already.

Clean Some More

If it’s a weeknight, I make dinner for my husband and we eat when he gets home. I’ll get the dishes in the dishwasher with some LemiShine to combat the hard water. I’ll also give the kitchen a quick wipe down.

Finally… Mom Gets to Relax!

Just give me a glass of wine, a good show on my Amazon Fire TV, and some chocolate and I will be good to go! If it was an especially hard day or my husband is stuck at work, I’ll give myself a quick foot rub with some yummy-smelling lotion and put some socks on to hold in the moisture. If (by some miracle!) I have a lot of time left, I’ll do some surveys on American Consumer Opinion®. So far I’ve made over $100, and received free products to try out, just by answering questions on my phone! After that it’s Mommy’s bedtime. Finally!

Being a Mom

All this might not seem like a lot to you, especially if you’re not a parent yet! But most of my energy is spent mentally. All the guiding, correcting, disciplining, leading, and teaching that happens by bedtime is exhausting. And the questions! But I know that these early years are the foundation of her development. In the fall she’ll be going to preschool, the year after that to kindergarten… these years are going so fast. I hope that she’ll remember all the quality time and good memories she had with her mommy as a little girl!

Did you find something in our bedtime routine that you will start doing in yours? Let me know in the comments!

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