Our Morning Routine

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Mornings are the most productive time of day for me, and I try to cash in on that as a stay-at-home mom. Of course, moms know having young kids means we need to be flexible! But I try to get as much done in our morning routine as I can.

Our morning routine sets up the rest of the day for us. If haven’t gotten all this done by afternoon, you can bet the day will soon unravel!

This routine has changed and evolved as Emma has grown. And I’m sure it will continue to! Take a look at what’s working for us now.

Wake Up

My alarm is set to 6:30. But if someone was sick during the night or I just didn’t sleep well, I sleep until Emma wakes me up. (Which happens pretty often!) This is when I need to shower if I’m going to have time to get one that day!

Coffee & Bible Time

I read my Bible in the mornings (you can read more about that here). Well, most mornings anyway! I chug my first cup of coffee (which I brew in my Keurig) before Emma wakes up if she hasn’t already. I love to use a pretty mug like these. It’s the little things that start the day off right!

Morning Chores

After feeding Emma some breakfast, it’s time for chores! I try to get the bed made, the dishwasher unloaded, get a load of laundry started, and the dinner meat defrosting. If I can get all that done before I start anything else, it’s a great day already! I’ll also use this time to vacuum (I love having a cordless one, so much easier to use for a quick clean!) or do another weekly chore.

Read how I make the most of the morning as a stay-at-home mom with my three-year-old daughter, and what we need to do to start the day the right way!


Emma gets some time in her room to play while I get some writing done. Her favorite toys for independent playtime are LEGO (of course!) and Magna-Tiles. She makes sure to come out and check on me often, and show me what she’s built! Some days we’ll have a playdate around this time, which is always fun!

That’s it for my morning routine! All this takes me until about lunch time. That’s when my afternoon routine starts!

Do you get more done in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Having a morning routine with kids is a great way to start off the day in a productive way. Making sure to get moving, get some chores done, and make time to connect with the kids intentionally will set you up for a great day! Check out our morning routine for some inspiration! | Fulfill & Thrive

Our morning routine Fulfill and Thrive

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