• Reading the Bible every day is an essential part of your Christian faith! Learn why you should start reading the Bible and the benefits you can expect.
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    Why All Christians Should Practice Reading the Bible Every Day

    Reading the Bible is an absolutely essential part of your Christian faith! Understanding the Bible yourself and practicing reading every day will help you live out your faith. Learn why you should start reading the Bible daily and the benefits you can expect. My Bible Reading Practice I currently read the Bible every morning while I drink my coffee. You can read more about my Bible reading practice here. In the past, I’ve read through the Bible in a year, chronologically. This year, I’m starting something new! I will be reading through one chapter per day every morning, starting with the New Testament. It will take me a few years…

  • Overwhelmed with work-at-home mom life? I'm a full-time mom running an online business - learn how I'm productive as a WAHM with my kid at home.
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    How to Be Productive as a WAHM

    I’m a full-time mom who is also growing an online business – so my life can be pretty hectic! Actually getting stuff done as a work-at-home mom is really hard some days. But I’m figuring out some tips and tricks as I go! Here are my best tips to be productive as a WAHM. Getting Started When I started my blog, I was only spending a few minutes here and there on it. So it didn’t really affect my then-three year old Emma too much. But now that it’s turned into a full time job, it’s a delicate balance! Emma goes to preschool two days a week, giving me a…

  • Have you failed every diet you've gone on? I stopped dieting, and I've never been happier. Learn why diets don't work, and why to stop hurting yourself!
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    Why I Stopped Dieting, and Why You Should Too

    I stopped dieting! I know what you might be thinking: she’s obviously not at a healthy weight. Or: wow, how freeing that must be! You’re right. I’m by no means thin, and I feel so much freer not worrying about calories, macros, and exercise. Read on to learn why I stopped dieting, how it’s affected my life, and whether you should stop dieting, too. Yes, I have lost weight before. But… You can read my post about when I started trying to lose 100 pounds and when I lost 25 pounds. If I’ve lost weight before, why would I stop? Well, I just can’t seem to lose more weight without…

  • Are you confident in your body? Learn how to see your body for what it really is: a miracle, no matter its shape, size, or abilities.
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    How to Be More Confident in Your Body

    Becoming confident in your body isn’t just an easy three-step process. It takes time, effort, and the hard work of changing your brain! Having body confidence is a daily struggle for me. But I’m learning to overcome the negative thoughts about my body and see it for what it really is: an amazing work of God’s creation! My Weight Story I was a little bit chunky as a kid, and got made fun of at school for my appearance. In high school, I finally thinned out and was at an average size – but my mind hadn’t caught up! I was always dieting, exercising, and trying to fit into a…

  • Is your food bill too high? Use these tips to save money on groceries by learning where and when to shop, what to buy, and how to get your family on board.
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    How to Save Money on Groceries

    Food is a huge expense for any family! I’ve talked a bit about how we got into debt before, but eating out so much and over-shopping was our biggest mistake. We used to buy foods in bulk that we would never be able to finish before they went bad! Now that we’re teaching ourselves to eat at home more, we’re discovering ways to save money on groceries. It’s taken some time to learn and actually implement these strategies, but with some discipline, you can too! How We Save Money on Groceries Now, we have our grocery spending under control! We try to spend an average of $100 per week for…