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christian faith

I knew I needed Jesus the day my daughter was born! Since then, I’ve gotten baptized, read the whole Bible (twice!), and led a small group. Check out my posts about living a faith-filled life:

family & home

You are the CEO of your home! That involves balancing your marriage, budget, chores, kitchen, and more. These are the tips that I’ve learned over my years of being a household manager:

intentional living

intuitive health

It feels so good to know that I’ve given up dieting for good! I’m a believer in intuitive eating, gentle nutrition, and self-love – no matter your shape, size, or ability. Learn more about my thoughts on food and health:


I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 5 years now! I’ve learned that being a mom has its own unique set of challenges – not only are you in charge of someone else’s life and future, you also have to juggle your own needs at the same time. Here’s what you need to know about thriving as a mom:

practical parenting

Raising up good kids is any parent’s goal – but how exactly do we do that? I’m a fan of gentle and positive parenting, and I strive to be calm and loving… what actually happens is another story! Read about my practical, real-life parenting philosophy:


Everyone has at least one purpose on this Earth – what’s yours? So far, mine are to raise a strong daughter, learn everything I can, and share what I know with women all over the world through blogging. Whether you’re still discovering your purpose, or you’re working towards living it out, find what you need here: