Email-Only Life Coaching


Are you busy? Kids interrupt often? Hate talking on the phone? Email-only life coaching is for you! Scroll down for more details.

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You’re busy, your schedule is hectic, you hate talking on the phone, or you can’t commit to a weekly call… But you still need support reaching your goals? Then life coaching by email is for you!

With email-only life coaching, you’ll get full-time access to your life coach – all you need to do is hit send! 

You don’t need to wait for your appointment time to talk with me. I’ll respond to your email within two hours (often immediately) during business hours Monday-Friday, and within a day outside of those times. 

You won’t need to take notes or strain your brain remembering what we talked about last week! All our conversations will be in writing, easy for you to read over. 

No more butterflies before that important phone call making you tongue tied! Take your time to write your emails and make sure you’re communicating effectively… or shoot off a quick note whenever you’d like. 

Life coaching by email is the perfect flexible solution for your complex life. Whether you’re busy, bad at waiting, or just hate talking to people – life coaching by email is the answer!

How does life coaching by email work?

After you’ve purchased your package, I’ll send you a few questions to get started and figure out how I can help you! Then we’ll get get started. 

After we introduce ourselves, we’ll identify the things you’re struggling with. Then, we’ll create a plan to overcome your obstacles, checking in often and dealing with life’s curveballs along the way!

We’ll email each other as often as you’d like for one month. There’s no weekly or monthly email limit! We’ll work around your schedule and you’ll have as much support as you need. 

Ready to get started? Read over the Coaching Contract. And when you’re committed to reaching your goals, check out! Still have questions? Email me at and I’ll get right back to you


What if you’re not available when I email?

If I’m not going to be available for a day or longer, I’ll let you know in advance so we can plan ahead. 

How long does the plan last?

We’ll start with one month. Then, you can decide if you need more support, or if you’re ready to take what you’ve learned and go it alone! If you’re fully committed, you’ll see huge changes in just one month! 

Do you offer refunds?

No – you can check out my refund policy here. The most progress happens when a client is fully committed!