How to Be Productive as a WAHM

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I’m a full-time mom who is also growing an online business – so my life can be pretty hectic! Actually getting stuff done as a work-at-home mom is really hard some days. But I’m figuring out some tips and tricks as I go! Here are my best tips to be productive as a WAHM.

Getting Started

When I started my blog, I was only spending a few minutes here and there on it. So it didn’t really affect my then-three year old Emma too much. But now that it’s turned into a full time job, it’s a delicate balance! Emma goes to preschool two days a week, giving me a grand total of four hours alone and focused time! The rest of our schedule is usually about the same every week.

I now have my mom (hi Mom!) here in Indiana, and she helps infinitely with daily chores and watching Emma when I need to focus. But these strategies are the ones I used before she moved here, and they’re useful for anyone looking to be productive as a WAHM.

Our Schedule

You can see my schedule more in depth in my planner post. But basically, I have three slots of time to work on my blog. I make sure to carve out time for meals and chores, and make sure to connect with Emma during those times. Also, I’m on-call for every potty, hug, kiss, snuggle, and booboo break! But during those work blocks, I need to focus, too.


The holy grail. Screen time, Legos, playing with her princess castle – whatever she’s interested in, I’ll use! Keeping Emma occupied is easier now that she’s four and pretty good at independent play. But it’s important to remember that taking a break to play with her is good for both of us. And having her cup filled up helps me be more productive as a WAHM!

Overwhelmed with work-at-home mom life? I'm a full-time mom running an online business - learn how I'm productive as a WAHM with my kid at home.


This is a difficult one, but it’s important. Sometimes I need ten or fifteen minutes without interruptions. So getting Emma to listen to and respect that boundary has been a challenge! I made a printable sign that you can hang on your office door for this reason. (It’s available in my Resource Library!) Explain to your child what the sign means, and that when it’s up, Mommy needs focus time. It takes practice, but limits like this are helping Emma and I!

Time Blocking

Doing similar things at the same time has helped me be productive as a WAHM so much. As a mom, my mind is always flitting around. But being able to focus on the same type of task for an extended period of time helps me get into the flow. Once I find my groove, I find myself getting more efficient and focused.


I wrote a whole post about being more efficient here! Finding ways to simplify what you need to do will same you tons of time. I figured out a few months ago that you can get to a Pin’s source website in just one click instead of two. That saved me boatloads of time (and finger cramps)!

How can you be more efficient? Do your household chores in batches early in the day. Keep your stuff and digital files organized so you can find them easier. Delegate tasks when you can, like having your kids clean up their own toys!

How are you productive as a WAHM? Tell me in the comments below!

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Overwhelmed with work-at-home mom life? I'm a full-time mom running an online business - learn how I'm productive as a WAHM with my kid at home.

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