Why All Christians Should Practice Reading the Bible Every Day

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Reading the Bible is an absolutely essential part of your Christian faith! Understanding the Bible yourself and practicing reading every day will help you live out your faith. Learn why you should start reading the Bible daily and the benefits you can expect.

My Bible Reading Practice

I currently read the Bible every morning while I drink my coffee. You can read more about my Bible reading practice here. In the past, I’ve read through the Bible in a year, chronologically. This year, I’m starting something new! I will be reading through one chapter per day every morning, starting with the New Testament. It will take me a few years to get through the entire Bible this way, but I’m excited to dive deep into every book of every chapter of the Bible! Why do I want do this? Because I want to know the Word, God’s personality, how to pray better, and how to act better. And I want to do it everyday so I can develop Bible reading every day as a spiritual discipline!

The Word

The best way to learn Scripture is to actually read it! Reading God’s Word consistently will help you learn quickly about the history of God’s story. Most of us know the usual Bible stories. But learning the background and historical context behind some of the most important moments in Christian history will help you understand your faith even better.

God’s Personality

The main tenant of Christianity is trying to act like Jesus would. But how do we know what Jesus would do? We have to read about him, and learn as much as we can about God’s personality. How can we truly know that God is jealous for us when we haven’t read about all he’s done to bring back the Israelites over and over, even when they forget about him? Reading the Bible every day will help you learn more about the God you worship and how to act like Jesus.

Reading the Bible every day is an essential part of your Christian faith! Learn why you should start reading the Bible and the benefits you can expect.

How to Pray

Prayer is a funny thing. It’s how we talk to God, ask favors of him, and praise him. But many of us are too nervous to do it! Prayer doesn’t have to be a special set of words that we memorize, or entirely different from how we already talk. Reading through the Psalms, and seeing how ancients prayed, can teach us how to pray ourselves, and be comfortable talking to God. Also, praying every day after your daily Bible reading time will help you practice!

How to Act

How can we know how to act in difficult situations when we don’t have any good examples? Reading the Bible every day can give you a good example of what God loves and hates. Every day, you’ll see how God reacts when people make good and bad choices. Learning from bad choices and copying the good choices of God’s devoted people throughout history can help you get closer to him in your faith journey


Doing something hard for God is called spiritual discipline. One of your spiritual disciplines can be reading the Bible every day! It’s hard to do something every single day, or even just weekdays! But make a promise to yourself, and to God, that you will dive into the Scriptures regularly. It will grow your faith, your knowledge of God, and teach you how to pray and act.

What’s getting in your way of reading the Bible every day? Comment below and tell me!

PS: Want to get even more out of reading the Bible every day? Check out my devotional, Peace in the New Testament!

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Reading the Bible every day is an essential part of your Christian faith! Learn why you should start reading the Bible and the benefits you can expect.

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