Are You Cut Out to Be a Small Group Leader?

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Are you wondering is being a Bible study or small group leader is right for you? I was faced with that same question just a few years ago. I wasn’t sure that I was qualified to lead, especially since all the members of my group were older than me. At the encouragement of my mentor, friends, and the Holy Spirit, I decided to step into leadership. Here’s some encouragement for you, that I hope will give you some clarity and confidence about becoming a small group leader!

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Read Small Groups Big Impact

This little book was pivotal in helping me decide to become a small group leader. It also has a lot of really great tips for leading and growing your group. Definitely check it out – it’s a short read jam-packed with wisdom.

What you don’t need

A college degree

Yep, you don’t need to be highly educated to be a great small group leader. Even if you do have a college degree, it doesn’t have to be in Biblical studies. Thriving groups don’t depend on the education level of the leader.

Years of experience

This one was a huge relief for me. When I became a small group leader, I had been a Christian for a grand total of… two years! (Check out the story of how I came to Christ here.) I was the newest Christian in the group. I knew the least about the Bible growing up in a secular home. But my mentor and God saw potential in me, and eventually I saw it in myself too.

To be the wisest person in the group

Good news: a small group is not one person lecturing a Bible lesson to a group of less-informed people. It’s a discussion, made richer by input from every member of the group. Each group member has unique experiences, and we all learn from each other’s perspective. As leader, you don’t need to have all the answers or the most wisdom. You just need to lead the discussion and involve everyone, so each can benefit from the other.

Is becoming a small group leader right for you? If you have the opportunity, check out this post where I break down the real qualifications you'll need. | Fulfill & Thrive

What you do need

Time to give to your group members

Being a small group leaders does take time. It’s essential to pray for your group members as often as you can. Supporting them when they’re in need, taking the time to put together a lesson that will build them up, and providing a welcoming space make a great group, too.

A Bible

Notice I didn’t say “a deep understanding of the Bible”. Yes, knowing your Bible (and having a good study version) will help you lead your group. But from my experience, if you want to become a small group leader, the Holy Spirit will equip you. I spent time digging into the verses we were going to discuss, and my group helped me with the rest. Again, remember that you don’t need all the answers.

A lot of prayer

Surround your life with prayer. Pray for your group members. Have your group pray for you, as a leader and in the rest of your life. Meet with other small group leaders and pray with them. Stop random people in Target and pray for them. Get comfortable praying in every situation, because you’ll do a lot of it as a small group leader!

Do you lead a small group or Bible study? Tell me about it in the comments!

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Is becoming a small group leader right for you? If you have the opportunity, check out this post where I break down the real qualifications you'll need. | Fulfill & Thrive

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