How to Start and Stay on Your Own Routines

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If you’ve spent some time on my blog, you probably know that I love routines! (Check out why I think they’re important, and if you’re a routine-hater, read this!) The best part about routines is how they’re adaptable to our unique lives. But it can be hard to create routines from scratch, and stick to them once you’ve started. If you’re sold on routines, but confused about how to get started, keep reading! And if you find yourself starting routines but falling off the wagon soon after, I’ve got some tips for you too!

How to Start

1. Have a Plan

What do you want your routine to accomplish? Make your mornings easier? Less of a time crunch when the kids get home from school? Write these goals down – you’ll always want to create routines with clear goals in mind! Next, what do you need to do to achieve these goals? For me, having all my Bible reading materials in one place and running the dishwasher overnight makes my morning run much more smoothly.

2. Plan Ahead

Sometimes we need to start yesterday to make today better! I need to load up and start the dishwasher before bed in order to have a good morning. Do you need to set out your clothes, pack lunches, or defrost tomorrow’s dinner ahead of time?

3. Take a Test Drive

You don’t need to get it perfect the first time! Test out your routine for a few days and see if you’re missing any major steps, or if you need to reorder your steps. Remember that your routine doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, because your life is unique!

How to Keep Going

1. Adjust Often

Sometimes if you can’t seem to stick to it, your system just needs a tweak! You may think you came up with the ‘perfect’ routine, but it’s not working if you can’t get around to doing it! Adjusting is not giving up or failing.

2. Use Checklists

You know that rush when you check something off your to-do list? Take that and run with it! I use reminders on my phone and I love being able to check them off as I finish each task. I even have a few on there just for fun, like ‘eat lunch‘. Check!

3. Get Real

Most importantly, don’t put too much on yourself! I’ll talk about this more in an upcoming post. But if you make your goals unattainably high, you’ll never reach them! Leading you to feel like you’ll never be good enough. Scale back and do what you can; it’s better than nothing!

We all have different lives and I love that our routines are unique and adaptable to us. I hope this post has inspired you to create routines that are tailored to your life! Need some more help planning out your own routines? I’ve made a worksheet to help you do just that! It’s in my Resource Library. Click the banner below to get signed up!

Still struggling with your routines? Let me know in the comments!

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