• Some kids wake up dry one morning. Mine was not one of those! As she was nearing four, it was clear that my daughter wasn't interested in holding her pee all night on her own. This is how we approached night time potty training. (Spoiler alert: it worked!) | Fulfill & Thrive
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    Night Time Potty Training

    Night time potty training is a controversial topic in the mom world! Of course, being able holding in pee while sleeping is a developmental issue. But what is the right age to try? What if your kid is still wearing Pull-ups at night later than her peers? At almost four, I had these questions about my daughter Emma. She’d never woken up dry a day in her life! (Is that even a real thing that happens??) I also saw something on the Internet (that darn thing) that said if you don’t start training your child to stay dry overnight by four, you’re more likely to have a bedwetter as they…