TV for Toddlers

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I know, I know, I should get my mom license revoked! But TV is an important part of my daily schedule as a stay-at-home mom.

The Shows We Watch

Of course, I’m not putting on the Sopranos for my two-year-old! I try to choose shows that are educational and quiet, that I know we are both learning from.

We use our Amazon Fire TV to watch PBS Kids shows. They have so many available for free as a part of your Prime subscription! Some of our favorites right now are Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Nature Cat.

How TV Helps

Without TV, my toddler would be following me around, too close to cleaning products and the hot stove. With it, I can take a shower alone and not be too worried about what she is getting into for entertainment! (I’m always a little worried though!)

Face-to-face playtime is so important, and the TV gets turned off once I’m finished. But I’m grateful for technology that makes my job a little easier, and gets my kid talking about all the interesting things she saw on her shows today!

Letting your toddler watch TV is a hot-button issue for moms, especially SAHMs. Click to read how I use TV in my daily schedule with my daughter!

When to Be Careful

Last year I found myself sliding into the trap of using TV too much. I had been suffering from migraines for months, and I was putting on shows to keep Emma busy while I was in a dark, quiet room with a hot water bottle on my head! Then I finally got my medication working. (I still get them sometimes.) But I was already stuck in the habit of letting her watch for hours and hours a day. It took effort for both of us to get out of that rut! Giving her other activities to do anytime she wants, like drawing with her Color Wonder set, or playing with puzzles, makes it easy to redirect her when she starts asking.

So my toddler watches TV — and I think that’s okay! As moms, our lives are already stressful enough. Let’s not make ourselves feel worse for using a shortcut once in a while!

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Are you for or against using TV as a babysitter? Let me know in the comments!

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Letting your toddler watch TV is a hot-button issue for moms, especially SAHMs. Click to read how I use TV in my daily schedule with my daughter!

Letting toddlers watched television is a controversial subject! But as a SAHM with a clingy kid, I use TV everyday to help me get things done around the house. Read how I use TV in our daily schedule, and why I don't feel too bad about it! | Fulfill & Thrive

2 thoughts on “TV for Toddlers”

  • I totally agree with you on tv with little kids. As long as you control their time, it’s totally okay to let them watch some. I let my little ones watch one movie or show a day and play the tablet once a day. Whenever I was pregnant, I would overuse the tv as a babysitter so I could rest, and it was always an adjustment afterwards to get them back to a decent schedule. Moderation in all things.

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks for your comment! Very wise thought about moderation. I went through something similar when I was pregnant – Emma is my first and only, so I didn’t have other littles to take care of – but we went out to eat so much! We had the feeling that ‘we won’t be able to enjoy dinners out for much longer, so let’s enjoy it while we can.’ Now it’s a bad habit we’re still trying to get out of!

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