Why should I join a small group?

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I’m a big believer in the power of small groups! Also called Bible study groups, home groups, or life groups, these little gatherings are where Christians can get together, dive into the word, and learn from each other.

But why should you join a small group? Devoting a weeknight to a group even when you go to church on Sunday might seem redundant. But small groups have lots of benefits that that average Sunday service can’t beat.


The average small group has less than 10 people – cozy! It’s easy to get to know each member of your small group quickly when the group is small. It’s also much easier to form close relationships within your small group due to the limited number of people.

I always think that the sense of community is closer in a small group than in the church as a whole. At the Sunday service, you might stop and chat with many people. But at your small group, you get to have much deeper conversations with fewer people. Some small groups even volunteer together!


Giving up a weeknight to go to Bible study is an act of discipline that can help you grow closer to God. Even more so if your small group has required weekly reading! It’s good to develop your discipline muscle and to give up things for God. The people in your small group will inspire you to keep up your practice.

Differing perspectives

Sometimes it can seem like there’s only one way to interpret the Bible: your way! (Or your pastor’s way if you haven’t started reading the Bible yet.) Going to small group will help you see that different people have different perspectives on what verses mean based on their life experiences. It’s so important to get out of our own heads and learn to see things from others’ points of view.

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Your fellow small group members are the best people to ask for prayer from in difficult times! Not only do they know you and what you’re going through, they’ll be back next week to check in and pray some more. Small group is also a great place to learn how to pray. Listening to how others confidently ask God to make things right can inspire you to do the same.


If you’re relatively new to the Christian faith, a small group is the place to look for a faith mentor. This is someone who you look up to and admire, who is willing to share their advice with you and lovingly correct you when you stray. The group leader is a great place to start, or you can look for someone who has a lot in common with you. On the other hand, if you’re mature in faith, offer yourself as a faith mentor in your group and see if you get any bites (and leave a tip in comments below)!

Role models

Similar to mentors, role models are also people in your small group you look up to. Where mentors are a formal relationship, role models are more informal. Role models are simply people who inspire you from afar – you see their strong faith and commitment to loving others, and it drives you to be better. Small groups are filled with role models who are devoted to the word and building up other believers.

The apostles did it!

Lastly, we can’t forget that Jesus himself led a small group! The apostles got one-on-one time with Jesus and special teaching. They got to ask questions in a way that the masses weren’t able to. After the resurrection, the early church continued meeting in small groups to worship, share meals, and teach. Meeting openly as a large church could have the believers thrown in jail, so having small meetings in homes was how church was done. Now, we can have the benefits of both a large Sunday service and a small weekly meetup.

Are you in a small group? What’s your favorite thing about it? Leave a comment below!

Wondering if joining a small group is right for you? Find out why you should join a Christian Bible study group ASAP! #christianfaith #biblestudy #christianwomen #godisgood #smallgroup #prayer #church

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