Working at Home with Kids: Tips & Tools

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Many people dream of running their own online business with kids at home, but it’s a struggle! Balancing your time, staying efficient, managing distractions, and still keeping your kids happy is a real juggling act. What do you need to actually succeed at working at home with kids? Read on to learn my best tips and the essential tools!

The Reality of Working at Home with Kids

It’s nice to imagine our kids playing nicely, building block towers, and doing puzzles quietly while we grow our businesses. But in reality, kids are needy and interrupt often! Even on days when I have a lot to do, I still get up often to kiss boo-boos, make snacks, and reset the TV. Unless you send your kids to daycare or get help to come to you, this is the reality of working at home with kids. Instead of spending a ton of money to have someone watch your kids, I’d suggest trying to lean into the chaos and seeing how you do! Of course, being well-equipped for working at home with kids will help you succeed.

My Business

To give you some background on me: I’m a mompreneur with a lot of ideas! I run this blog. I’ve written a devotional and series of word of the year workbooks. I offer email-only life coaching for busy moms. And I’m also getting my degree online for marketing management. Add all that to being a full-time mom! Things get pretty busy, and I find myself juggling a lot of things every day. So having a method to keeping Emma busy while I work, and having the right tools for me, are both important to not falling behind!

For Your Business:

Great Computer

Getting stuff done quickly and efficiently is hard without a great computer. If yours is on its last legs, or your find yourself waiting a long time for things to load, consider getting a new one! I use a 13-inch Macbook Pro, but if that’s not an option for you, check out this one on Amazon. It’s got good reviews and is an absolute steal!

Private Space

Whether you’re a writer, an online seller, or you work as an employee from home – you’ll need a private space to focus. I have my office set up in our bedroom. Emma can play and watch TV in the living room, which is on the other side of the door. If I need to keep an eye on her, I’ll leave the door open and put on some music or white noise. Or, if she’s watching TV or on her tablet, I can close the door almost all the way and enjoy silence.

Comfy Chair

Since you’ll be sitting for long periods of time, a comfortable chair is important! If you’re sitting on a chair that’s too hard, small, or not supportive enough, you’ll get uncomfortable very quickly. A roomy, cushy, supportive office chair will help you get more done by not being distracted by your seat! The chair I use has been discontinued by IKEA, but this one on Amazon is very close and has great reviews.

Big Desk

I don’t know about you, but I like to spread out when I work! Usually, I have my laptop in the middle of my desk, my planner open to my left, and my Rocketbook reusable notebook and notepad open to my right. I also keep out my coffee mug and an insulated water cup. Adding a desk lamp means I need a good amount of space to be comfortable. I use a 56 inch long desk from IKEA with two drawers (it’s the MICKE), and that fits perfectly in my space. But if you find or fit a larger one, go for it!

Learn the essential tips & tools for balancing your time, staying efficient, managing distractions, and keeping the peace while working at home with kids.

For the Kids:

Kids’ Tablet

Emma got her Amazon Fire Kids tablet last Christmas, and she still loves it. She loves that she can find new apps, watch her favorite TV shows, and take photos with it. I love that I can closely monitor what kind of content shows up to her and see her usage history from my phone. I can also set time limits for weekdays and weekends. We use these foldable, volume-limiting headphones if I need some quiet time or we’re bringing it in the car.

Engaging Toys

I love finding a toy set that Emma plays with independently. Some of her favorites are legos and her giant Sophia castle. These toys get her imagination working, and most importantly, distract her when I’m busy!

Realistic Expectations

Expecting to not be distracted 9-5 Monday-Friday with working at home with kids is probably not going to happen, no matter what tools and tips you use! Remember to give your kids attention and love throughout the day. Do fun things with them whenever you can to fill up their tanks.

Full disclosure: this post was written before my amazing mom moved to Indiana. Now, Emma can play with her Grammy all day while I try to focus! That’s my best tip: have an awesome mom.

For Bloggers:


If you’re thinking about starting a blog, or you aren’t happy with your current web host, check out Siteground. They’re perfect for me as someone who’s not very technically savvy! They have great customer support, and their starting plan is a great price. I’ve experienced consistently fast speeds with them, too!


If you’re already a blogger, you know Pinterest is the secret to evergreen traffic. You also know that Pinterest takes up so much time! Posting quality content consistently helps your Pins reach more people. So, I use Tailwind to schedule my Pins. I spend a full day or two, once a month, scheduling all my content. Read more about what I do to be efficient here. Tailwind knows when the best times for me to Pin each day are, and they save me so much time every single day!


I recently started using Asana in addition to my calendar. It’s so helpful for people like me who are juggling tons of things! I use it to remind myself of tasks for my blog, Facebook group, home, and school. It’s simple to use, beautifully laid out, and best of all – it’s free!

What are your best tips working at home with kids? Tell me in the comments!

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Learn the essential tips & tools for balancing your time, staying efficient, managing distractions, and keeping the peace while working at home with kids.

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